Commissions Information

The Process

  • Once initial payment is received, clients are allowed a maximum of three (3) moderate revisions/modifications to the artwork. Please ensure all information is correct before paying the invoice
  • The Sunflower Kam will provide progress updates (with photos) throughout the entirety of the project to make sure both parties are on the same page
  • Clients have an unlimited color palette choice
  • All TSK artwork is sealed with varnish protectant at no additional cost. Clients have a choice between high gloss, gloss, or matte
  • All TSK artwork includes an official certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist
  • All TSK artwork comes ready to hang. If you plan on framing the piece, please let me know as soon as possible, as certain mounting techniques may not be able to withhold the added weight

Timeline: Consultation -> Shipping

We Meet and Discuss Your Project: 

  • Desired subject
  • Best canvas size for your project
  • Best material(s) to use for your project
  • Desired color palette
  • Anticipated turnaround time
    • 1-3 months (or more, depending on the size/complexity of the project)
  • Quoted price after details are finalized

Your Invoice is Sent! 

  • Minimum 50% payment due up front
  • Final unpaid portions due before shipment

Kam Keeps You in the Loop: 

  • Photo progress updates throughout the entirety of the project
  • Maximum of three (3) moderate revisions/modifications allowed

Check the Mail! 

  • Kam will send a final update photo before varnishing and getting ready to hang, just to make sure everything looks good!
  • After final payment has been received, your painting will be shipped, and you will receive your USPS/UPS tracking number at the preferred contact method provided

Pricing Breakdown

TSK Custom Artwork Pricing Formula: 

$1/sq. in + cost of materials*

* Final quote will be provided after consultation

Payment & Shipping Policy

What are my payment options?

For custom artwork, clients have the option to pay in-full at the time of booking, or by non-refundable 50% retainer fee, plus any unpaid portions before the artwork is shipped.


All sales are final. Please email if you have any questions or concerns. I'll be glad to help!


How does shipping work?

  • Shipping is free for all artwork sized 16x20" or larger (including available artwork in my shop!)
    • For artwork smaller than 16x20", a minimum $7.77 fee is charged for shipping, plus $2.22 / number of additional panels included in the shipment


  • Custom artwork can take anywhere between 1-3 months (or longer, depending on the size and/or complexity of the project)


  • Once USPS/UPS tracking number has been provided, and the shipping status has updated to "in transit", TSK is no longer responsible for the artwork*. But, again, please get in touch if any issues arise. I will be happy to help to the best of my ability!


* Please allow shipping delays due to the current COVID-19 pandemic – Refer to your USPS/UPS tracking number for transit updates

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